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      "Yes, Mr. McMillifuddy. Did you ever hear of such a ridiculous name?"MRS. B.: But that means a lot of letters.

      "I would," Dr. Haenlingen told him tartly. "I've had a very good reason, over the years, to keep information about my section in my own hands."

      By the time they came in sight of the sutler's shanty the boys had finished their breakfast and were moving off after Billings.

      "Where are the masters? Where is work?"

      I say: "Do not our old masters have freedom?"

      "Orderly, take the company back into the abatis, and look for the boys," ordered Capt. McGillicuddy.


      "Well, that's enough. I don't want money so much as the right kind of a man. Put up your stuff, and I'll let you in cahoots with me, and we'll make a bar'l o' money out o' these new troops that'll begin coming down this week."


      "So suppose somebody goes back," Albin said. "Suppose somebody talks. What difference does it make? It's just rumor, nothing official. No, the reason nobody goes back is cargo space, pure and simple. We need every inch of cargo space for the shipments."


      CHAPTER I. SHORTY BEGINS BEING A FATHER TO PETE SKIDMORE."What damned nonsense is this, O'Brien?" asked Shorty angrily. "Are you drunk, or jest naturally addled? Come along with me and we'll"